Sample Menu


Oregano Spiced Chicken: dusted with flour combined with oregano spices

Caribbean Rice & Peas: Cooked with chopped garlic, onions, peppers and spices

Oven Roast Potatoes: Cubed New Potatoes sautéed in butter herbs & spices

Cole Slaw: Shredded carrots & cabbage combined with a sweet dressing 


Roasted Cornish Hen: marinated in a blend of rosemary, garlic & white wine

Grouper Fillet: lightly floured and pan browned  
Festive Rice: buttery flavored rice with red peppers, parsley and kernel corn
Scalloped Potato: creamy cheesy delight baked till golden
Steamed vegetable Medley: broccoli, corn & carrots


Chef’s Delight Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding: A tempting must have, served warm with prune sauce

Caramel Flan: with fresh strawberry & kiwi garnishing velvety smooth on the tongue